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Green Brick Wall
Exterior of the building

Specialized care with minimum staff ratio of 1:6.

  • New construction (2015)

  • Licensed Medium Adult Foster Care Home

  • Special Certification through the State of Michigan

  • Furnished or bring your own furniture

  • Current CLIA Waiver

  • Contracts accepted through community mental health agencies

Pennfield Premier Living North and South share the same address but are two separate buildings and are licensed separately and operated independently.

This home provides specialized care for 11 men and women with high need for physical or emotional assistance and/or supervision due to developmental disability, cognitive impairment, and/or physical disability. Care provided includes hands-on assistance with transferring, bathing, diapering, feeding, dressing, and other activities of daily living. Medical needs such as bed sores, catheters, colostomies, and insulin are provided for. Assistive devices such as hoyer lift and shower chair available.



Barrier free


Fire alarm and

sprinkler system


Free cable TV and Wi-Fi


Outdoor patio


Large open,

accessible showers

Tammy George

Home Manager

Tammy joined our team in November 2022 and has easily fit in with the Cretsinger values. After exposure to this field while she was growing up, Tammy spent years helping individuals receiving services through supported independent living. Before joining us, she already had established relationships with mental health agencies, guardian agencies, and other community support services. She is a strong manager who leads by example and is an outspoken advocate for the residents. We are so excited to have her overseeing the daily operations at Pennfield Premier Living South.

Tammy 4-2024.jpg

Jasmine Richard-Johnson

First Shift Manager

Jasmine has been with Cretsinger Care Homes since 2008. For many years, Jasmine was the backbone at Cretsinger Fremont, a 20-bed general Adult Foster Care Home. When Pennfield Premier Living in 2015, Jasmine used her knowledge to help build a strong foundation for staff there and has been a leader ever since. Soft-spoken and compassionate, she is the favorite of all the residents. Knowledgeable and efficient, Jasmine is a resource for all of the staff. When Pennfield Premier Living South began independent operations in late 2021, Jasmine stepped into the role of Assistant Manager. The majority of her hours are still spent providing direct care to the residents, but she also has responsibilities with staff management, medical appointments, and more. We are so fortunate to have Jasmine as part of our management team.

Jasmine 10-2023.jpg
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